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We have been doing busines with The Dantzler Group, Inc. for over 10 years. During this time, Dantzler has constructed several amenity centers for our developments with the contracts ranging from +/- $300,000 to $2,000,000.00 

The work of the Dantzler team was so impressive that they quickly became our sole source contractor for the construction of our major amenity centers. Over the years we have developed so much confidence in their ability to deliver each project on time, at the lowest possible cost and with a quality finish that we now award each job to them on a cost plus basis. 

Joel Dantzler is an excellent leader for his company, a man of impeccable character (and quite a character too!) and just a pleasure to have as a business partner and a friend. It has been said that the true test of a man is how he responds to adversity. Joel has proven over and over when faced with a challenge that he is a man who stands behind his word and takes responsibilty for his actions. 

We would recommend Joel Dantzler/The Dantzler Group highly for any job, big or small, that requires their talents. 

Very Truly Yours, 
Matovina and Company 
Gregory E. Matovina 

Greg Matovina

Jax. FL

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We are very pleased with the completion of the renovation of our Neighborhood Park at World Golf Village. We replaced four picnic tables, two park benches and seven trash cans, all original equipment, probably 20 years old, with rust leaking out from the vinyl coating. In today's society, a law suit waiting to happen.


Sarah M. our CAM with MAY Mgt. and I worked with Joel and selected top quality vinyl or rubber-coated equipment that blended in with other Park furniture. We also had two large portions of cracking concrete replaced. In addition, we had three concrete pads poured under existing picnic benches. All work was professionally done...on time, on target and on budget.

Mike T., President, St. Johns Northwest Residential POA, World Golf Village

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